Case Studies

By utilizing the Konvert™ learning management system (LMS), Dana Aftermarket incentivized customers to register for enhanced learning opportunities. This helped acquire valuable customer information to create a persona database that supported remarketing opportunities down the road.

Discover how Konvert™ supported Sonendo® in implementing electronic signatures into Sonendo’s online learning initiatives to authenticate training.

The unique features of the Konvert™ learning management system (LMS) help Pellecome® streamline its training initiatives, ensuring training is completed to the highest standard through focused, progressive learning.

By partnering with Konvert™, the Association for Advancing Automation is able to provide streamlined training and industry-recognized certification courses to educate its members while also tracking the proficiency of its users.

Alma Lasers integrated the Konvert learning management system (LMS) with its customer relationship management (CRM) system to easily sync users, track metrics and provide a seamless user experience to clients.