Implementing focused learningImplementing Focused Learning to Train Practitioners

Pellecome® needed to find a more streamlined way to implement training for its customers on the company’s bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Pellecome turned to Konvert™ to engage users with Konvert’s intuitive learning management system (LMS).

Individualized learning was a key priority for Pellecome’s training initiatives to help ensure that providers were thoroughly educated in utilizing Pellecome’s products. Konvert was implemented to kickstart Pellecome’s two-part training program, which begins with completing learning Modules within Konvert, then moves to hands-on learning.

Requiring Prerequisites

With Konvert, Pellecome is able to require prerequisites throughout its learning Modules, which supports focused and timely learning. By including prerequisites, Pellecome is able to ensure learning is built upon and accurately understood as the provider proceeds through the learning Modules.

Timed user accessCreating Timed User Access

With any healthcare training, timeliness is critical. Pellecome understood this challenge and looked for solutions to quickly and efficiently train providers on the company’s pellet therapy and practice management. We developed a custom timed user access functionality within Pellecome’s Konvert account that allows admins to set a time restriction on how long a user has to complete a Module. This ensures users complete required learning in a timely manner and can accurately perform Pellecome’s pellet therapy.

Konvert allows for customization to meet the needs of users, and we applied this to Pellecome by building its timed user access functionality.

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Implementing Locked Module Upon CompletionImplementing locked modules

Pellecome wanted to ensure the quality and accurate usage of each users’ learning progress. Konvert offers the ability to lock a learning Module once it has been completed, which helps prevent unauthorized use of learning content.

Users who successfully complete the course are awarded certification directly through Konvert, and Pellecome trusts its customers are able to deliver Pellecome’s hormone therapy to the highest standard.

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By integrating Konvert’s LMS into its training initiatives, Pellecome is able to have more control over how it operates its online learning offering. The company can now manage how long users have access to content and support users through focused learning by implementing a prerequisite system. Konvert’s online learning capabilities help set up users to move successfully into part two of Pellecome’s training program.

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