Amplifying Alma Lasers’ CRM Integration Capabilities

Alma Lasers is paving the way in medical technology for surgical, aesthetic and beauty treatments from laser hair removal to cellulite management. To help accommodate the company’s large and unique customer base, Alma Lasers integrated the customer relationship management (CRM) system Salesforce into its customer communication initiatives.

CRM and LMS IntegrationWithin Salesforce, Alma Lasers has numerous client accounts and needed a streamlined way to manage these accounts to enhance overall customer experience. Alma Lasers turned to Konvert to implement an intuitive learning management system (LMS) that also allows for integration with its Salesforce account.

By integrating a CRM with an LMS, Alma Lasers was able to:

  • Automatically sync only active client accounts
  • Integrate a complete list of assets within Salesforce that are automatically kept up to date in Konvert
  • Allow client users to self-register into the Konvert LMS using their Alma Lasers customer number
  • Provide access only to the learning modules applicable to the client’s purchased products

Konvert automatically syncs with Alma Lasers' CRM platform Salesforce to allow updates made to accounts within the CRM to automatically be pulled into Konvert—without the need for extra steps.

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Providing Enhanced Metrics Reporting and Analytics

Metrics reporting in an LMSAlma Lasers’ Salesforce logic is used to help map the user experience within Konvert, automatically grouping users based on the products purchased. This offers Alma Lasers access to intuitive metrics reporting to measure user progress within its modules.

The Konvert LMS tracks metrics and progress by account, group and individual users. Alma Lasers can see the number of unique sessions, time spent within the Portal and the number of pageviews. This helps the company see which clients and their users are accessing the Portal and completing the onboarding process.

Alma Lasers can also customize metrics reports with various filters such as by account or module completion status. An admin can then export the report into a CSV file, enabling user-entered data to be used outside of the Portal.

Optimizing Onboarding Capabilities

Onboarding with an LMSWhen Alma Lasers adds a new client into Salesforce, the client’s practice information is automatically pulled into Konvert, helping streamline onboarding processes without having to manually add them to both Salesforce and Konvert. The new client will receive a customer number depending on the product purchased. This helps Alma Lasers recognize and distribute the right onboarding content to successfully implement the company's products within the medical practices.

When an Alma Lasers client registers for a Konvert account, the customer number can be shared with users within the practice, allowing for multiple physicians, assistants or other employees to access and onboard within Konvert.

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