Gaining Cross-Business Unit Engagement from CustomersCross-Business Engagement with an LMS

Dana Aftermarket is the aftermarket branch of Dana Incorporated that serves light vehicle, commercial vehicle and off-highway equipment markets across the globe. In an effort to educate distributors, technicians and installers about Dana’s products, the company partnered with Konvert to implement the Dana Training Academy.

By using the Konvert learning management system (LMS), Dana Aftermarket offers ongoing training initiatives while engaging with its customers. These training initiatives include courses designed to educate its customer base while also cross-promoting products from different sub-brands within Dana, including:

  • Victor Reinz®
  • Spicer Parts®
  • Spicer Select™

This opened up Dana’s pool of interested prospects, which allowed the company to grow its audience base and acquire more leads for its marketing campaigns.

Dana Aftermarket utilizes Konvert’s customized invite links capability to target specific customers on Dana’s existing channels. This ensures Dana Aftermarket’s customers are only receiving content that is applicable to them and streamlines the communications process.

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National Sales Promotion with an LMSLaunching National Sales Promotion Campaign Initiatives   

Dana Aftermarket took its education efforts one step further by creating a “Learn and Earn” campaign within its National Sales Promotion. This campaign effectively incentivized customers and prospects to register for the learning courses to then be entered to win prizes. This initiative not only enhanced Dana customers’ knowledge of Dana Aftermarket products, but it allowed the company to gather prospect information from leads who register, as well.


By using an LMS to educate its customers, Dana Aftermarket is ultimately able to provide a more enhanced buying experience.

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Dana Aftermarket created a customized invite link in Konvert that included a special code to register, then sent that link through email to targeted customers through paid and owned media channels. Dana Aftermarket was able to gain valuable information, including product interests, occupation and contact methods. This data will help the company develop more modules based on their customer needs—ultimately tailoring Dana Aftermarket’s content for long-term engagement with target audiences, as well as:

  • How and where to place media and content
  • Guidance on other content creation opportunities
  • Remarketing opportunities with gathered customer information

Konvert’s intuitive metrics reporting also allowed Dana Aftermarket to monitor usage of its LMS to learn which content is resonating with audiences to help guide long-term creation.

By tying in this National Sales Promotion Campaign with its training initiatives, Dana Aftermarket was able to evolve its internal education platform to a multi-brand cross-function for internal and external audiences to support sales, lead generation and overall business growth.

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