Measure Your Customers’ Success with Konvert™ Metrics Reporting

The Konvert™ learning management system (LMS) and digital asset management (DAM) platforms offer unique metrics reporting, allowing you to track users and the content they access. When you track your metrics within Konvert, you’ll be able to see:

  • Unique Sessions: View the daily or monthly sessions
  • Time in Portal: Track how long users spend within Konvert
  • Pageviews: Access the frequency of unique pageviews

Learning Management System Metrics

The Konvert LMS metrics are broken down by Modules, activities, users and accounts. You’ll be able to track the overall time spent learning, Module completion status, proficiency and assets viewed or downloaded.

  • Modules: View each course and track the completion number and average proficiency among users
  • Tasks/Activities: Note the overall scores of each activity or task and see which answers users are choosing
  • Users: Monitor individual user proficiency, including Module completion status
  • Accounts: Track group activity, including overall learning progress

Digital Asset Management Metrics

Through the Konvert DAM, you can track the usage of your digital assets, allowing you to understand what best resonates with your customers.

  • Assets Accessed: Shows which specific assets are being accessed, when they are accessed and who is accessing them
  • Popularity: Displays which piece of content is the most popular among your users
  • Content Types: Highlights which types of content your DAM consists of, including images, slides, whitepapers and logos

Looking to Boost Your Metrics Reporting?

Easily track your LMS and DAM platform usage with in-depth metrics reporting through Konvert.

The Konvert™ platform offers unique metrics reporting, allowing you to track users and the content they access.