Onboarding Your Customers and Prospects

Consider this: you want a way to guide new leads through your sales funnel while also tracking the content they are learning from. You can onboard prospective customers by providing them one centralized ecosystem where they can access information about your brand while you monitor their activity.

Whether the user has just become aware of your brand or is in the consideration stage prior to making a purchase, you can onboard your prospect through the intuitive Konvert™ platform.

Customizable Invite Links

Mass invite users into your Konvert LMS Portal via open registration—or create a unique code to allow only specific users access.

Once you invite users into your Konvert Portal, you’ll be able to customize their user permissions—granting access based on who the user is (prospect or returning customer) and what he or she can access. You can assign users to a certain group, then assign those individuals to certain Modules.

Customizable invite links allow for:

  • Easier management of invite links for groups or individuals
  • The creation of a unique code with the option to include an expiration date, which is useful for promotions or limited-time events
  • Auto assignment of specific Modules, courses or activities
  • The ability to track how many people register from each link
  • An easy redirect path for those who accept to a specific Module catalogue or page within the LMS or DAM
  • A simpler way to collect a prospect’s email address for enhanced lead nurturing down the road

Single Sign-On Option

Konvert supports all common single sign-on (SSO) providers, which helps to provide a secure login for multiple networks of people. Utilizing SSO allows for a streamlined login process, eliminating the need to create additional accounts while reducing the need for multiple access methods.

The benefits of SSO include:

  • Reduced need for multiple passwords and usernames
  • Two-factor authentication for preservation of users’ privacy
  • Reduced security risks for users
  • Increased login speed
  • Decreased help desk inquiries

Ready to Learn More?

Interested in furthering your customer onboarding efforts? Contact Konvert today to schedule a consultation and to set up your free trial account.

Onboard prospects in one centralized ecosystem where they can access information about your brand while you monitor their activity.