Konvert Pricing & FAQs

Choose a Plan to Meet Your Needs

No two organizations have the same digital data requirements. Konvert allows you to select a plan around the needs of your organization.

Pay annually and save 10%

Start Up

Choose from:


$5,388 billed annually

Unlimited Users

Sessions per Month

100 GB
Portal Storage

25 LMS Modules1
White-labeled Portal
Custom LMS Certificates2


Get both:


$10,788 billed annually

Unlimited Users

Sessions per Month

500 GB
Portal Storage

Unlimited LMS Modules
White-labeled Portal
Custom LMS Certificates
Branded Subdomain
API Access*


Get both:


$21,588 billed annually

Unlimited Users

Sessions per Month

1 TB
Portal Storage

Unlimited LMS Modules
White-labeled Portal
Custom LMS Certificates
Branded Subdomain
API Access*
Single Sign-On (SSO)3

What is a Konvert Session?

Unlike traditional LMS platforms that calculate monthly fees based on a limited number of user licenses, Konvert’s monthly subscription is based on user sessions.

Konvert Session

One session is calculated as one user logging in-and-out of Konvert, any number of times, within a 24 hour period.

The Konvert Platform Advantage

Platform LMS DAM # of Users Avg. Cost/User* Annual Cost*
Konvert Yes Yes Unlimited 0.16 $5,388
LearnUpon Yes No 50/mo. $13.98 $8,388
Blackboard Yes No - - $9,500
absorb Yes No - $16/mo. $9,600
docebo Yes No 50/mo. $59.98 $2,999
SAP Litmos Yes No 100-500 $6.00 $3,000


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your contracts?

Konvert is a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service) system. Subscriptions are one-year agreements.

Is there a discount for multi-year Konvert subscriptions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer multi-year discounts.

How are Konvert subscriptions sold?

Konvert subscriptions are sold as bundled plans—each plan includes user sessions, platforms, cloud storage and integration options.  

Why is Konvert onboarding a separate cost from the subscription fee?

No two organizations are the same. Konvert’s onboarding fee is based on the initial set-up required for an organization’s scope of work. Some organizations will require extensive and complex set-ups, while others will have more limited and straightforward configurations.

How do I sign up for Konvert?

Go here to sign-up for your FREE trial account.

How long will it take to get up and running with a Konvert platform?

Depending on your user on-boarding method, volume of learning content and third-party integration needs, expect that it will take at least 2 business days to have your Konvert Portal white-labeled.

Will I need to have all of my content ready before launching Konvert?

Konvert’s flexibility makes it easy to add, delete or modify content at any time. So you don’t need to have all your content finalized pre-launch. If you need help creating your learning content, our agency affiliate Concentrek can help.

How do I install Konvert?

Konvert is primarily a browser-based web application SaaS platform (so there's nothing to install).

Does Konvert connect to a CRM or ERP (like SalesForce)?

Yes. Depending on your CRM platform, Konvert can “plug in” to CRM/ERPs to provide user authentication and reporting. Contact us directly to get the details.

Does Konvert have SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities?

It does. Konvert can be connected to SSO providers. However, we recommend that you contact us directly to ensure proper connection.

Can I change my subscription plan?

You can upgrade your Konvert plan at any time during your subscription period. However, you cannot cancel plans during that time.

Who owns Konvert?

Konvert is a limited liability company started by some great people that work at Concentrek.

Can I customize the layout of Konvert?

Absolutely! The Konvert UI (User Interface) is white-label ready, which means your brand and messaging can be easily incorporated into the Konvert Portal.

Is my company too small for Konvert?

Not really. Aside from the total number of sessions that determine your subscription investment, Konvert can be a power platform (think ROI) beyond the immediate needs of your organization. Konvert was designed to grow with a growing business. For example, if you subscribe to Konvert's learning management system (LMS) platform but realize you need to store and manage digital documents, Konvert can easily scale your plan to include our digital asset management (DAM) platform.